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Date: Fri 06/1/2007 13:41
From: nooshin

Message: سلام امينه جان . قدم نو رسيده مبارك . اميدوارم سلامت باشيد . خيلي خوش حالم از اينكه مادر شدي و چيزهاي زيادي رو تجربه مي كني . به آقاي صبوحي هم تبريك بگو . از دور روي زيباي صبا جون رو مي بوسم .
آرزومند آرزوهايت: نوشين

Date: Fri 06/1/2007 00:47
From: حسين صبوحي

Message: تولدت مبارك عمو جان!!! :P

Date: Thu 05/31/2007 15:55
From: حسين طاهري

Message: سلام
اول از همه به اين دنيا خوش آمدي.
كلي حال مي ده كلي چيزهاي باحال داره به خصوص پدر و مادر كه يكي از باحالترين چيزهاشه.
ولي آماده خيلي چيزها هم باش در هر صورت از سرسره هم كه سر بخوري ممكنه آخرش تهت محكم بخوره زمين اين هم جزو وزندگيه.

Date: Thu 05/31/2007 14:26
From: Sajjad Zamani

Message: Saba you're very cute.
Welcome to the world.

:D :)

Date: Thu 05/31/2007 14:14
From: مرتضي معبودی

Message: سلام .
اين پيام برای پدر و مادرت است :
قدم نو رسيده مبارک . آرزو دارم زندگی زِِيبايتان زيباتر شود .
اين پيام برای صبا خانم است :
زندگی زيباست ای زيبا پسند
زيبه انديشان به زيبايی رسند

Date: Thu 05/31/2007 10:40
From: Hosain Banitaba

Message: Congratulation to you and your respected wife. Hope She'll be in a good health and always happy under the shadow of you and your wife.

Best regards


Date: Thu 05/31/2007 09:18
From: abolhassani

Message: Congraduation to you and your parents. You are beautiful girl which brings happiness to your parents home. Waiting to see your own posts on this website. Take it easy and have fun.


Date: Thu 05/31/2007 08:24
From: Farangis Rahigh

Message: Saba Khanoome naz

vorodet ro be in donyaye ziba tabrik migam
va barat arezo mikonam har rouzet ghashangtaro behtar az dirouze
separi beshe
omidvaram cheshmahye ghashanget faghat hameye chizaye zibaye in doya ro bebinand va lezzat bebarand

farangis :D

Date: Wed 05/30/2007 22:56
From: Bahman Zamani

Message: Saba jan,

Today you are 2 days old and you have your own domain and web site! Wow, that's fantastic! And that's one of the benefits of having a computer expert as Dady!
I'm sure that your birth will add more happiness to your parent's life.

Happy birthday baby,
From Montreal Canada on May 30, 2007

Date: Wed 05/30/2007 20:32
From: Homayoon

Message: عمو جان تولدت مبارک

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